Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Maria & Louis

Last month I had the pleasure of doing a photo session with Louis and his beautiful wife Maria. Louis is an avid photographer and loves to talk about photography. He mentioned to me that
he loves to take photos of his wife. However, other than their wedding day, they have very few pictures together.

As a photographer, Louis can appreciate the value of having interesting settings for pictures. In advance of our session, he scouted out some locations in the Financial District and Battery Park City. These are just a few samples from early on in the shoot. Over the next few days, I plan on posting more pictures.

The first two pictures were taken just off of Stone Street, a narrow, cobblestone, pedestrian-only alley in the midst of the tall buildings of the Financial District. It has a great Old New York feel. I remember reading in some history book about New York that Stone Street was one of the first paved streets in what is now known as New York City. During the spring and summer, the local restaurants set up tables in the street and serve lunch to the Wall Street crowd. Behind Louis and Maria you can see the sign for Ulysses', a popular bar.

Down in Battery Park City near the Ritz Carlton Hotel, there is an interesting seating area overlooking the Hudson River. There are these great wooden benches with high backs.


Anonymous said...

You're the BEST!

David said...

I love the use of lines on the bottom picture.

Ed Miyashiro said...

Thanks David.